Davis Cavachons, Inc is a Highlands, North Carolina based breeding company that specializes in PTSD dog breeding, training and refinement.

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Sir Winston Churchill

… is a PTSD lead dog who is 2 years old. He is Cavachon that looks more like a Cavalier and is very loyal, obedient and loving.

The Lady Margaret Jennifer Thatcher

… is 2 years old and the alpha/ boss of our family. She is a Cavachon that looks more like a Bichon and is very playful, human and in charge. She is a one dog family type of pup.


The Secretaries of State 2021

Meet Condi Rice, Thomas Jefferson (T.J.)  and Henry Kissinger.

To reserve one of our July 2021 puppies, a deposit is required. Get in touch with us now!


$350 shipping to lower 48 states. $550 to Alaska or Hawaii. $750 global shipping.

Davis Cavachons,Highlands,breeding,PTSD dog,puppies, Davis Cavachons

Condi Rice

Condi is the alpha of the group. She’s very loving and playful; however, she’s equally happy on her own. She only steps in when Kissinger plays too rough with TJ.

Condi Rice

$ 5000
  • Deposit $500 to reserve for 3 days

Thomas Jefferson (T.J.)

Thomas Jefferson is the baby of our pack. He’s very inventive and loving. He likes to cuddle and stay with you at all times.

Thomas Jefferson (T.J.)

$ 5000
  • Deposit $500 to reserve for 3 days

Henry Kissinger

Kissinger is the most extroverted and playful of the group. He keeps us all on our toes with his dynamic personality and wit.

Henry Kissinger

$ 5000
  • Deposit $500 to reserve for 3 days

Zipline 2020

Henry, Ryry, and Katarina are all in their new forever happy homes since November, 2020!


Davis Cavachons,Highlands,breeding,PTSD dog,puppies, Davis Cavachons

Katarina Hepburn

is the most dominant of the 3 pups and will be in charge. She may do best in a setting where the other dogs are betas or she can collaborate with a young girl.


RyRy Mitchell

is the calmest of the 3 pups and loves to look you in the eye. She is very zen and will be the PTSD pup out of the group. Willing to get along with everyone and plays well with others.


Henry Giles

is the smallest of the 3 Cavachons and is most playful. He will do well with a family of young children who play often outside and live in a rural setting. (He has the most spots: markings).

Each Davis Cavachon comes with an official contract, kennel association genetic record, certified health record, travel record, nutrition plan and immunization record.

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Davis Cavachons,Highlands,breeding,PTSD dog,puppies, Davis Cavachons

About us

Davis Cavachons is located in the Highlands, North Carolina area.

We are dedicated to raising beautiful, healthy, happy puppies for people to love as members of their families.

Although we do not show our dogs, we strive to produce puppies that are a compliment to the breed by always keeping proper standard and confirmation in mind as one of our top priorities. We place great importance on good health and proper temperament.

Our real joy comes from knowing that the wonderful puppies we produce will bloom and grow in the hearts of those whose lives they touch.

Our puppies are not confined to cages or fenced off runs. We have an acre of fenced yard that our dog family enjoys. They have their own room that they sleep in and where they spend their time if we are away from home.

Our puppies are born and raised in our home where they spend their time with our family and friends. By the time they leave us, they have had all their shots and wormings to date, a little training and a lot of love.

We are confident that our puppies will be a pleasing addition to any family.

A home and property review as well as Davis Cavachon family discussion is required prior to placement of our puppies.

Davis Cavachons,Highlands,breeding,PTSD dog,puppies, Davis Cavachons



The Cavachon is appreciated for its great beauty, but they are known and loved for their wonderful personalities. They are excellent with children and other pets and adjust well to any situation.

The Cavachon size is measured in inches (measured from the top of the shoulders to the ground) and ranges between 9 and 12 inches. The adult Cavachon weight varies depending upon his size but usually ranges between 10 and 18 pounds.

The Cavachon is an extremely calm, sweet and affectionate breed. They are very quiet, are excellent with children and get along well in almost every situation.

The Cavachon is white and is allowed to have up to 10% of buff, apricot or cream colored shadings over the entire body. Puppies commonly have buff, apricot or cream color on their ears or head that will almost always fade to complete white.

No. The Cavachon has a COMPLETELY NON-SHEDDING coat.

Since the Cavachon does not shed and has a low dander level, they have been referred to as being “hypo-allergenic”. Many people with asthma and other allergies have been able to own a Cavachon without any adverse reaction.

The Cavachon does require periodic grooming since the coat does not shed. The powder puff hair-do does not happen by itself. We recommend a professional grooming every two to three months.

The breed is generally healthy and may live to be as old as 18 years of age when properly cared for. The average life span of the Cavachon is about 14 years.

Housebreaking works well if you employ the Crate Training Method. I already start this process before they go home with you. It involves putting the pup in a crate when you are unable to watch for signs that he needs to go out. At first, you will have to put him in a crate, but eventually they can be trusted in a small room for the day. They actually like to go in there as that is their “space.”

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